DTG Printing

Direct to Garment Printing

Fresh Ink Screen Printing operates Brother GT 381. These machines use ink jet technology that prints on many garments in high quality color directly from a computer. These machines can print on light and dark garments.

We specialize in DTG Direct to Garment Digital T-Shirt printing and dark garment printing.

Please email your design and quantity amount for DTG printing to receive a quote. There are no setup fees, and same day printing is available for smaller orders.


DTG Print Features:

    Super soft, no feel on white or light garments without underbase. Unlimited colors in design
    No setup fees
    Up to 14in. x 16in. print area
    • Prints on 100% cotton garments. Prints on light and dark garments as well.

Artwork Requirements:

    File types: PDF sized to print, Transparent Background
    Resolution: Minimum 200 dpi, Preferred 300 dpi with image at correct print size

Bottom line: Your image quality will determine the quality of your finished shirt.

DTG Print Policies:

DTG printing is intended to be completed on 100% cotton garments. If you are providing garments that are not 100% cotton, Fresh Ink Clothing is in no way responsible (no refunds or reprints) for pre or post production errors such as garment reactions to pre -treatment or heavy fading after multiple washes.

 If you choose to use self-supplied garments, we highly recommend completing a sample product before approving an order.

    • DTG items are pre-treated with a chemical that may cause reactions on certain fabrics
    • There is a 2-5% expected fade rate after first couple of washes
    • DTG works best on 100% cotton materials
  • Fresh Ink Clothing has launched our new dropship program for our DTG services. This program caters to up and coming brands or artist that are sitting on artwork and would like to start making sales. Please call our office and ask for Candice to speak further about or dropship service printing.